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We are not only a string-maker but also  known scholar for historical set up both for plucked and bow instruments of Renaissance, Baroque and Classical period.

Its commitment extends not only to the reconstruction of the set-up of the different ages but also in the efforts to safeguard the technology of the past string making technology, which is next to disappear, by means to specific initiatives of pressure at national level and to European Parliament

Our contributions include also many conferences, training courses to luthier institutions, orchestral members and articles concering both historical as well as modern stringmaking.

Another field of investigation is represented by the activity of consulting held at major European museums of musical instruments, with a deep study, measuring of samples of old strings and final report adressed to each museum

Lastly, it has to be signalled the important funding that Aquila Corde Armoniche has devoted to the University of Florence for a research job on deeds and archive documents at libraries and state archives of Tuscany in order to reconstruct the historical stages of local string making.

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