Cello da Spalla String Project

n the 2006 year we received a request  from the luthier Dmitry Badiarov to design a Cello da Spalla setup. These are a few pictures of the first tests on it.

progetto-cello-da-spalla-1 progetto-cello-da-spalla-2 progetto-cello-da-spalla-3 progetto-cello-da-spalla-4 progetto-cello-da-spalla-5

Dmitry Dadiarov at the Aquila’s headquarter with the first Cello da Spalla (Caldogno 2006)

To learn more: http://violadabraccio.com/index.php/content/view/19/29/lang,en/

Sigiswald-Kujken-1 Sigiswald-Kujken-2 Sigiswald-Kujken-3 Sigiswald-Kujken-4 Sigiswald-Kujken-5 Sigiswald-Kujken-6

Sigiswald Kujken with the Cello da Spalla made by Dmitry Badiarov (Vicenza 2008; Padua 2009)