Historical stringmaking

These are the first immages in the world concerning some phases of the historical gut string manufacturing teached us by some elderly italian stringmakers of the  Abruzzi’s region (Center Italy) in the 2008 and 2009 years.  There is a strict connection with   the historical sources of the 18  and 19th centuries.

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The Historical Veneto stringmaking

City of Padua

Chronology of events of the string maker ‘Priuli so-called Romanin ‘ in the city of Padua (our research of 2002-2004)

1) The string making was founded in 1613 by Antonio Romanin which was succeeded by Antonio Priuli. The company was therefore called ‘Antonio Pruli so-called Romanin ‘ and so remained until became property  inherited by Callegari family.

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The Historical Abruzzi’s stringmaking

The reasons of our research

The research we are going to present started almost unconsciously in autumn 2006, when we went in Acerra (Na) to interview one of the last old stringmakers from Abruzzo, heir of the tradition of his father who was working in Naples. Our intention was to gather some general information about the history of Italian stringmakers.

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